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Veronika Hug

Veronika is a German designer and creator. She is the brand owner of WoollyHugs and supports us with her ideas and knowledge. We are proud to work for her and enable her to create her own collection and sell WollyHugs products worldwide

WoollyHugs PLAN is a multicolored yarn which changed the color after several inches. The yarn has a consistent lengths of colors, and a consistent color repeat.

Veronika designed the color change in a special way to guarantee that this yarn works perfectly for planned pooling. It doesn’t matter if you use it for knitting or crocheting! It works with both techniques.

The magic happens by using the yarn itself. There is no need to calculate stitch patterns. Just start!

Veronika selected all colors in a way that they match each other perfectly and create this pooling effect. All 10 colors match each other and can be combined easily.

Since each person is unique and crochets or knits with a different tension, you’ll have to play with your hooks and yarn to get a pattern to emerge.