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We are proud to introduce a yarn which combines high quality and comfortable characteristics by using natural materials. Our aim was to reduce acrylic and plastic. The result after many tests and tries is WoollyHugs PLAN. The base material is Merino wool in combination with cotton. WoollyHugs PLAN  is light and easy to wear and wearing it will give you a pleasant feeling


Merino wool is breathable and has the same characteristics as other functional materials. It can cool you down by collecting up to 35% of water and can also protect you from a rain shower by repelling water.

Our Merino wool is from South America, mainly Argentina. We take care that the sheep live in natural surroundings and that these small farmers fulfill our demands of human and healthy living and working conditions and guarantee animal welfare.


Cotton is an organic fiber. It`s durable and soft with perfect wearing characteristics. We use cotton  to combine the functional Merino wool with a soft fiber to get a yarn with a durable wearing quality. This yarn is designed for sports activities and leisure.

Maple Needles

Maple is also a natural material. We use maple wood instead of plastic or steel. Maple wood is light, flexible and nearly unbreakable. It has a smooth surface and feels good to touch

Product Specifications

WoollyHugs PLAN contains 50% Merino wool superfine, 28% cotton, 22% polyamid

Care instruction