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WoollyHugs – Now on KICKSTARTER

WoollyHugs  creat your style – live your stile with plannedpooling


Hi, I’m Clara from tideju, and I discovered planned pooling with WoollyHugs PLAN. That’s a great yarn! Planned pooling, often also called Color pooling is a specific technique for working with variegated yarns to create specific color-based designs in your work. 

We have the perfect yarn to create stylish outfits with this technique: WoollyHugs PLAN!

I love my hoodie! It´s my daily friend!

That`s Tina. Tina and I are best friends. We both wear casual things and have our own style.

Whats new with WoollyHugs PLAN?

Check it out: Watch our clip or check our information below. 

You have two options:

  • Do it yourself with our yarn
  • Get your ready made  outfits

It’s simple: Just take a piece of WoollyHugs and start! You create the pattern directly by knitting.

I already got a whole collection right now. It’s casual and fits my style perfectly. I mostly wear it on my way to work or when I’m with my friends.

It’s not based on a type of synthetic material like acrylic, instead it‘s made of cotton and Merino wool which are natural yarns.

That’s awesome and fits my concerns about caring about my environment.

I simply love to wake up under my WoollyHugs blanket. Perfect start into the day.

I even look good in my Hoodie early in the morning after a long night with friends.

It’s easy and comfortable to simply wear my poncho on my way to work. I really like this style.

I have a good feeling about working on different designs and colors together with Veronika. Veronika supports us with her experience.

I like meeting friends, having fun and a good time

And I think that’s beautiful! We have ten different colors to choose from.

I like them all. It`s up to you. Would you like red or yellow? I prefer blue….

I already selected some cool outfits for you. Which one do you prefer? Hurry up some are limited!

My collection contains:

  • Hoodie
  • Poncho and beanie
  • Scarf
  • Blanket and pillow
All are available in ten different colors. Read more.

Our yarn comes in different packages. An easy start is „Easy going“. This package includes 2 balls of WoollyHugs PLAN and a step by step instruction for my scarf.

You like the hoodie? Then choose the „Do It“ package. This includes enough material and a step by step instruction for the hoodie or poncho.

You better decide quickly – some limited packages include maple needles! Read more. 

I love the quality! Comfortable to wear, beautiful colors. Simply my style.

And remember: WoollyHugs is based on natural materials. No scratching acrylic. It`s like hug from a good friend.


Help us to bring this project to live. Select your personal outfit or  your own WoollyHugs PLAN package and donate our Kickstarter project here.



Thanks and a big hugs for supporting us!


Create your style, live your style and help to save the environment